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Hospice Care in California - Ventura County

Hospice Care Concierge and Palliative Advocate in Ventura County, California. Providing hospice care service and palliative care at your convenience at the comfort of your home and home health care facility. Hospice Care Concierge and Palliative Advocate can coordinate a care plan with your physician to send one of its qualified licensed professionals to your home in Ventura County, CA, or in a skilled nursing facility to start evaluation, assessment and eligibility process. We work directly with your physician to tailor all aspects of your personalized care, focusing and assisting you. Hospice Care Concierge and Palliative Advocate circle of care trusted and loved by the community. California Health Care Professionals recommended and trust.

The Hospice Circle of Care which starts with the terminal ill patient. Then with family and friends depicts the holistic continuum of care rendered by hospice professionals and trained volunteers working together as a team to assess and meet the patient's and families' unique needs as the end of life draws near.

Our highly qualified staff includes those within their professional fields such as: Certified Home Health Aides, Licensed Social Workers, Licensed Vocational Nurses, Mobile Physicians, Physical Therapists, Registered Dietitians, Registered Nurses, and Speech Therapists.

Attending Physician

An attending physician certifies the terminal prognosis. Assesses patient needs, manages, symptoms, and prescribes treatment. Attending physician directs and approves the plan of care and coordinates care with interdisciplinary team.

Social Worker

A social worker assess patient and family emotional, social, spiritual, and financial needs. Develops a plan of care to meet identified needs. Provide direct counseling or refer patients and families to appropriate community agencies. A social worker also provide bereavement support.

Medical Director

A medical director co-certifies the terminal prognosis with the attending physician. Leads the interdisciplinary team in the development of the plan of care and provides consultation to other physicians regarding hospice care.

Registered Nurse

A registered nurse assess patient and family needs. Develops a plan of care to meet identified needs. Coordinate team visits and ensure implementation of approved plan of care. A registered nurse also coordinate care with attending physician, primary care give, and/or care center staff to ensure symptom control and pain management. Registered nurse also provide patient and family teaching and/or education as needed.

Home Health Aide

A home health aide provide direct personal care to patient. Provides comfort measures and report identified needs to RN Case Manager. Provide emotional support to patient and family.

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A volunteer provides companionship and support to patient and family. Provide needed non-medical services, letter writing, errands, and respire time for family. A volunteer also provide support at time of death and during bereavement.


A chaplain assess patient and family spiritual needs. Develop a plan of care to meet identified needs. Provides direct counseling and assist with memorial preparations. A chaplain also provide consultations to community clergy.

We provide Hospice and Palliative care within all major cities in Los Angeles County, Orange County, San Fernando County, Riverside County, San Bernardino County and Ventura County:

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